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St. Cecilia Choir

Leading the congregation in song and helping to create a sense of unity and shared purpose.  Creating harmony and bridging gaps between people uniting our congregation for common purpose of praising the Lord.

The choir rehearses weekly on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings before the 10am Eucharist.  As you can imagine there are many moving components involved in the function of a choir. Our director invites allwho show interest in serving in the role of choir member to embark on a journey through the liturgical seasons of our Church calendar. Requirements are a willingness to be a part of something bigger than what we could ever create on our own. And a commitment to the process involved in cultivating such an experience.

“I've been blessed to serve in the choir for two years. It was a big stretch for me since I don't have any formal music training and the choir sings beautiful and harmonically rich music to glorify the Lord and nurture our congregation's worship. The choir has a very supportive mix of long-timers and newbies, with section leaders who do a great job of supporting people just doing their best, like me. Rasaan is an inspired musician and choral director who leads with vision and passion. It has been my privilege to participate even in my meager way as I grow musically, spiritually and make stronger bonds in church through my experience in the choir. ."

Jake Becker, Choir Member

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