St. Luke’s Christian Education Program


Annual Report Update January 2020 to January 2021



The Christian Education Program for Children and Youth initially began the 2020 year with standard curriculum of Sparks Education Program.  We participated in weekly Christian Education program during our Sunday morning Mass with children and youth returning to the service by the “peace”.  In March 2020, our program was placed on hold due to COVID restrictions.   In the Fall, based on guidelines from the Diocese of Pennsylvania, our program was encouraged to begin a virtual platform.  There have been several attempts to initiate our program from November 2020 in a virtual platform however minimal registrations have been obtained.  The Christian Education Team is aware that parents and student may have virtual program fatigue due to the daily Academic Programs and Work programs in virtual format.  The Christian Education team will continue to explore program options for children and youth for future implementation including monthly interaction virtually (1 hour format) with focus on biblical reflection and games.  If you have an interest for your children, grandchildren, and youth, please registrar with the church office.  We remain very hopeful that our program may reinitiate in real time Fall 2021.


Evangelism Comitee

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church of Germantown

Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reports

Reporting Period: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Report Submitted By:Patricia Whitmire

Organization Name:Evangelism Committee

Years in Existence:25

Number of Members (a):12

Number Served:The entire church and some community members

Mission Statement:To assist in welcoming visitors to the church, facilitate spreading the Gospel by inviting those of all ages seeking a church home to join our church family and to encourage all members to participate fully in the life of the church.

Purpose:Provide encouragement to all members to participate fully in the life of  the church 

2020 Activity Description:Church Directory and bus trip to Sight and Sound cancelled due to Covid-19. Virtual and in-person explanations of significance of St. Luke's Day and Homecoming joint  celebration. Virtual and in-person recognition of parishioners employed in health care professions. Virtual Homecoming Hospitality Hour.

2020 Financial Results*:

Revenue Earned:0


2020 Budget Projection:



(a)   Member Names Christine Broome, Naomi Dobson, Donna Drake, Elizabeth Berry Holmes,                 

Eva Johnson, Vivian Norton, Marcella Rice, Mollie Robinson, Yvonne Thompson, Sydney Tiller, Rosemary Valentine, Patricia Whitmire

*Detailed monthly/quarterly/year-to-date revenue and expense are to be reported in the Excel spreadsheet  provided

   United Thank Offering- 2020

St. Luke’s Annual Meeting

 Report: Sunday, January 31, 2021


“Change Changes Lives”, this is an expression that can be used to describe The United Thank Offering-UTO, a ministry of the Episcopal Church for more than 125 years. Men, women and children pray and give thanks for their blessings. Each prayer of thanksgiving leads to an offering in the United Thank Offering Blue Box. All offerings make it possible for UTO to give grants at home and overseas as an outreach of the Episcopal Church. No offering is too small.


January 12, 2020, we presented the mission of UTO at 10:00am service, hosted the coffee hour and distributed Blue Boxes. Each Sunday throughout January to March, different literature i.e., bookmarks, history of UTO, children’s activity sheets were distributed. There was a prayer of thanks for our blessings also in each Sunday bulletin. Ingathering was scheduled for Sunday, May 17th .


The emphasis on UTO was discontinued due to the Virus. Parishioners  were not permitted in the church for months. My first attendance was  Homecoming Sunday, October 18th and the next  three Sundays. I placed a Big UTO box to collect the offerings. Soon after parishioners were not permitted to attend services.


Thank you so much St. Luke’s family. The virus limited our time however our offerings were outstanding considering the circumstances.


Our offering $620.00


Special thanks UTO committee for your support!


                           Betty Berry- Holmes UTO Coordinator, Joyce Gilliam, Carol McCray, Darlene Paige,

Patricia Whitmire, & Geraldine Zachery

The Girls Friendly Society of St. Luke’s Germantown

Annual Report January 2020 to January 2021


 The Girls Friendly Society of St. Luke’s Germantown remains open for new members ages 3 to 13 years.  The range of age of our current members are 7 to 17 years of age. We are a part of an international faith-based organization for girls and women established the year 1877 (1875 in England) in the USA.

GFS has a vision of a society where girls and women are free to reach their full potentials without gender biased.  We aim to achieve this by providing culturally rich and diverse groups where girls, young women, and their leaders build friendships, develop their talents, and learn their purpose. We create programs of activities designed to encourage girls to love themselves, family, friends, and community, grow in integrity, and resilience, and persistence in service and social justice.

he Girls Friendly Society regularly met weekly to biweekly on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm from January 2020 to March 2020.  This year our focused has been “Making a World of Difference” by experiencing different cultures through Global Citizens Program and other dioceses experiences.

We are challenged by our COVID restrictions hence our meetings have been limited.  Two of our seniors are planning to participate in two teen programs via virtual format by creating cards for our first responders and GFS PA plans to raise funding to purchase gift cards for Norristown Police Officers.  We are also planning to attend a virtual tour of the Mills of Lowell Massachusetts.  This is where Girls Friendly Society initially was established to provide a safe haven for girls and women factory workers of Massachusetts.  Our World Council trip to South Africa in  July 2020 was  cancelled due to COVID and will be rescheduled for a later date.

We are hopeful that in September 2021 we shall be able to return to real time format. If you have a or know a little girl interested in joining GFS St. Luke’s, please contact the church office.


Archive Committee 2020 Annual Report


The Archive Committee has been quietly researching the provenance of St Luke’s portrait by Henry Inman which was hanging in the Rectory. The portrait is now at the Winterthur Museum in Winterthur Delaware where it is being restored in their conservation department. It should be finished by June 2021.



Bettie Kleckley and Phoebe Griswold have been making short videos for the St Luke’s Facebook page telling the story of their research. The videos are to let the congregation share in this fun research. The painting is an important early 19th century work of art by a well-known painter, Henry Inman.

Soon when Covid is less of a threat, we will attack the closets on our campus to see if we can find any records of how we got this important portrait. It remains a mystery and worth discovering.

We have been imagining how this significant painting of Bishop William White, a very important founder of our Episcopal Church, can be fun for our own congregation. Winterthur has invited us to visit the museum and conservation department when Covid abates!

Bettie and I use the word ROAD TRIP!

When the portrait returns from Winterthur we are planning an event to show case the portrait and share our research. We are bursting with ideas. Please let us know of any ideas you might have!!

Respectively submitted,
Bettie Kleckley and Phoebe Griswold for the Archive Committee
Christine Broome and Rodney Whitmire

2020 Buildings & Grounds Report


This year, the following repairs have been completed:



•        Repainted Business room, hallways, entry way, and Dina’s Office

•        New motor on one of the units in the basement.


Parish Hall

•        Trash removal under the stage

•        45 foot Cracked pipe replaced

•        First floor kitchen sink

•        New GFI for basement kitchen fridge

•        Rewired and replaced outlets

•        LED lights above the basement sink

•        Moved supplies from the 1st floor to the basement

•        Removed screen from under 2nd floor sink and replaced with wood slots

•        Repainted parts of the auditorium

•        Organized and repainted food pantry



•        New blower for the trumpets repaired

•        Replaced lights in basement with LED



•        3 trees were removed

•        New flood lights installed, more will be replaced

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Annual Meeting 2021. Committee reports are found below and any questions about the meeting are welcome by parishioners.

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