Formation at
St. Luke's


The Christian Education Program of St. Luke’s Germantown

We strive to promote a child's, youth, or adult's faith to become living, conscious, and active by exposing members to the beauty of God's love, developing in them a belief in God's presence in their lives, and leading them to confirm or reaffirm their commitment to Christ.
Sunday School  is held weekly and begins immediately after the collect during our 10:00 am. Mass on Sunday.  Youth gather at the back of the church and walk to the Parish Hall. You must be at least 2 years of age to attend.  The youth return during the peace.  Our curriculum is Sparks Online Curriculum. It follows a lectionary series which aids youth to make the connection between worship, Sunday School, and life.

Our vision is to:

1. Provide a dynamic, vibrant and loving environment within which a child develops a personal relationship with God.

2. Provide a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere for our youth to study God's word.

3. Engage all members: youth, clergy, parents, congregation, youth leader, and Sunday school teachers in the training, teaching, and discipleship of children/youth/adults

4. Provide additional /out of the box opportunities for Christian learning and experience in the children/youth Christian journey both on and off the campus of St. Luke's.